Officers Meeting #2 9/5/2016

All of the officers are present plus Dr. Canas, our faculty adviser.

Meeting started at 4:03pm to discuss the Student involvement fair which is tomorrow.  Deac Bot borrowed for the table. Pens, table, poster(scan the posters in)

Aaron, Makenzie 3:30-4:30

Sajant, Arnav 4:30-5:30

Hack-a-thon at UNC/Duke (Late October/Early November)

Robotics club volunteer/Women in Science


Hackathon- 100 people needed for MLH partnership, maybe start off smaller? How many people can we host? maybe up to 60. Sponsorships? SAF funding for school wide help. Microsoft, Dell, Google etc.

Pro humanetate theme? We need a date for the potential hackathon and need to talk to Pauca about it. Local high schools might have better luck at getting money.

Door of clubs- helps smaller clubs get in touch with big companies and with 25 members, provides money. Also potential jobs for members.


Speaker is to be picked in the near future.

Update  to the website is upcoming.

Meeting ended at 4:53pm