ACM Resume Build 1.0

Brian Mendenhall from the OPCD in collaboration with ACM put on a program to build resumes as well as give tips and pointers on how to use Handshake and how to Network effectively as a Computer Science student.

What follows is a short description of topics covered.

The first thing that was discussed was resume work.

  • Stay consistent with everything. Bullet point all the way through if you do it at all. Make sure everything is lined up and even. It needs to be clean.
  • Put your programming language and language skills at the top. Important things first.
  • Quantify. Make sure you are as specific as possible. Quantify money and people in relevant situations . Qualify time.
  • Use action verbs to describe your work.
  • Add a second page to hold projects or networking or programming experiences.
  • Be sensitive to the audience you are presenting  to.

Brian then moved on to Handshake

  • The three most important tabs to look at are Events, Jobs, Employers.
  • If you are a Senior don’t be afraid to take an internship if you can’t find a job. You will be paid and can still look for another job. Keep an open mind though; you never know whether or not you will really enjoy a job.
  • Handshake puts you in a short stack of resumes. If you find a job outside of Handshake check and see whether or not the job is listed on Handshake. You will more than likely be able to talk directly to the recruiter if you use the service provided by Wake.
  • Other places to look are,
  • Don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn to look for alumni as a networking opportunity.  Join Wake Forest University Career Connectors. Join the groups where you expect to land.

Brian handed out a list of action verbs and then challenged everyone to highlight 30 and then check off 15 that mean the most to get things going in your brain. He also gave out a handout with qualities that employers look for.  You can put things that happened in high school for leadership as well. Be creative, it shows.

Brian is always available in OPCD to help with any needs you might have!!!


Attendance: 14 students