ACM GameNight 10/08/2015

The meeting began at 5:36 PM.

President Sanad open the meeting with announcements.

Went over who is going to Hack NC. Sajant is sending an email. He promises a great time.

Laser tag in collaboration with math and physics is in the works. More details to follow

Next game night is Nov. 5. in Manchester 336.

Brian Mendenhall came and spoke about three opportunities.

  • Career Trek deadline is tomorrow. SF: Uber, google etc. NY:
  • Brian talked about personality and work assessments and the services that the OPCD will provide to the Computer Science majors. Mock interviews are held. There are tons of networking opportunities. ┬áTalked about building a spiderweb of networking.
  • ACM Resume build on Oct. 29. Held downstairs in 241. Will start brief and then open up to more intimate discussions.
  • Google Greg Galante. He is a Wake alum who is going to be speaking about Google products, projects, jobs/internships, culture. Will be held in Manchester 241.

Meeting ended at 5:44pm. President Sanad closed.


Attendance of 11.