ACM Meeting Notes (2/4/14)

Programming Team

  • Wake competes every year in national competition
  • Anyone with basic programming experience can come (CSC 111/112)
  • 5:15 on Wednesday, but may change
  • Advised by Professor Torgersen

Internship Advisory Board

  • Group of people who are good resources to discuss job/internship opportunities

Mobile Boot Camp

  • 4-5pm Mondays, learn how to program iOS and Android, Manchester 022
  • Advised by Professor Turkett

Game Night

  • Xbox One with brand new FIFA and Madden, potentially live competitions with other schools
  • Large variety of consoles
  • Date TBA, hoping for end of February/early March

1834 Software

  • Starting classes to teach HTML, javascript and website development to hire new students

Tech Company Reps

  • Suggest talking with current technology reps on campus (Microsoft/Google/FourSquare/Presi etc)
  • Events on campus to promote brand awareness, marketing
  • Current Microsoft = Emily Hudspeth
  • Current Google= Steve Clark

CS Access  awesome faculty

  • CS lounge open to CS majors/minors
  • Free software to “Dreamspark” software (Windows software)
  • Great faculty

ACM Speaker

  • TBA, coming up this semester

Dean’s Project (Phil Handwerk)

  • Create your own ranking of schools website
  • Looking for CS students who would be willing to take initiative and work with the project
  • Big project but big potential
  • contact Emily Hudspeth (