ACM Meeting Notes (9/10/2013)

Upcoming events:

  • First Video Game Night, Tuesday September 24th – prizes
  • Technical Interview Prep – Google Employee (late september)
  • Outreach Volunteer Opportunities: High School Students (late September), Robot Run competition (oct &Nov)
  • Hackathon (Oct) – professor Fulp
  • Guest Speaker – Dish Network’s CIO (Chief Information Officer) – Mike McClaskey November 5th

Benefits of ACM

  • Student Events
  • Scholarship Opportunity : Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) announce the UPE ACM STUDENT CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. Up to FOUR students will be chosen; each will receive $1,000 and a certificate of commendation.  All graduate and undergraduate students who are ACM members and members of the ACM Student Chapter at their academic institution.
  • only $19 for students
  • Access to ACM online Library – tutorials, papers, information
  • News updates
  • Free Software downloads
  • Mentoring Network
  • Job Network
  • Can’t be an officer if not in ACM

Additional Opportunities:

  • Programming Team – Professor Torgeson ( C/C++ programming, meets Wednesdays 5pm
  • 1834 Software: Business led by Emily that creates websites for WF clubs and organizations. 16 clients and growing. Previously hired 5 developers, looking for 5 more. Potentially have internship opportunities
  • “Fresh Food Network” Entrepreneur Opportunity – Jake Teitelbaum: Establishes a direct link between food producers and consumers. Website allows people to purchase food directly from local producers, acts as an online farmers market. Looking for programmers – website will be similar to eBay, online supermarket with social networking functionality, need volunteers/partnerss

Follow Up