Officer Meeting Notes (4/10/2013)

  • Quiz Bowl: To-do list- email BB (Emily), email Microsoft for swag (Paul), create/hang up flyers (Maddie, talk to Joan), mass informative email to CS students (Emily), Google docs form where students can sign up (Turkett, sign-ups online through April 17th), Google spreadsheet with budget (Maddie, by April 10th), buy prizes (Paul, speakers x 3, shuffle x 3), order food (Maddie, catered subway 42inch x 3, drinks), talk to CS classes Friday 9:30-3:30 (Emily and Brandon)
  • Denis Frailey Speech: Reserve Manchester 024 (Emily), print and hang flyers (Emily and Joan), ACM officers +CS staff invited to dinner 7:30 April 25th at WS Prime
  • S.T.E.M. Volunteering: 12-3:30 April 11th, High School students experience technology demos, need volunteers, 10-15 HS students per 20 min session, 6 sessions. Same event will be repeated for admitted students on April 18, contact Paul to volunteer
  • ACM Excellence Award: essay with 500 words about our club+activities (quiz bowl, S.T.E.M. etc), fill out a form with URL of chapter homepage, # of CS students (over 200), # students in chapter (via org sync), and club contact info (rough draft by Brandon, submitted for review by April 17th)
  • Google Hanes workshop: Chance to teach teachers about technology, will be 2 days either in second week of August or last week of July

– Brandon