Officer Meeting Notes (3/27/2013)

  • Technical Interview Prep: either April 3rd or 10th (TBA), 5-6 pm in Manchester 241, hosted by Red Ventures
  • Quiz bowl: Wednesday April 24th 5-7 pm. Will help students study for finals/get to know each other. Roughly 8 teams of 3, with 1 freshman or sophomore, 1 junior or senior, and 1 grad student (ideally). Anyone taking CS classes are eligible, plus CS majors and minors. All teams must pre-register by Monday April 22th.10 questions per round, 3 rounds with one “final jeopardy” question in the end where teams can wager points for total of 31 questions. Breaks after every round with leaderboard updates, team point scores withheld until final wager question. Each round has 5 easy questions worth 2 points, 3 medium questions worth 5 points and 2 hard questions worth 10 points. Point values of question will be known before they are given. All teams will answer via pen and paper. Topics range from generic CS questions, general history, programming, computer trivia, professor biographical questions, or quiz questions from actual CS courses. Top 3 teams get a prize, but everyone gets a take away gift. Tentative prizes include: 100 gb Spider Oak (3rd place), iPod shuffle (2nd place), Nice Headphones or speakers (1st place). There will be snacks in between rounds, and only registered teams will receive food.
  • Science Olympics: April 6th, need to submit a small activity representative of CS department that is “physical”, current idea includes maki-maki circuit box contest. We will all reuse quiz bowl questions for CS portion of this contest.
  • Web Development: Granted funding to run company, currently setting up servers downstairs, need people to help out, lots of clients! Will be conducting interviews for web developers and one business manager
  • Current Google rep: Jay Segal
  • No game night this semester
  • Speaker: Dennis Frailey to speak Thursday, April 25th, fly into Greensboro in the morning and then give the speech at 5:00PM

– Brandon