Weekly Meeting #6 (4/11/12)

  • Game night
    • We have $50 from the department for food
    • Let’s send out invites!
  • Wednesday, 4/18/12, at 7p in MANC 241
  • Christia Fisher
    • With athletics tutoring – need tutors for CSC 101 and 111, anyone who is interested, contact her:
  • WFU Organization Progress
    • Need signature from Canas, then good to go.
      • Should probably have this done by the end of the semester.
    • Meeting: probably coming Tuesday night
  • Web Services
    • Make sure we’re looking at all requests – don’t let any drop.
      • Take on smaller ones as we are able, send the rest on to the rest of the CS department.
  • Potentially, dialog on website, through blog
    • Similar to a forum
  • Later on, build a template site
    • Different pricing options for different amounts of customization

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