Officer Meeting Spring Semester 1/15/2016

President Sanad Ashraf opened the meeting at 3:15.

All officers were in attendance as well as adviser Paul Whitener.

Quivia- ACM will head up funding.

Hackathon for GSV Labs- over WebEx for a startup in Cali. first weekend in February.     WE NEED TO PUBLICIZE MORE AND LONGER

Spring Hackathon @ VA Tech

Faculty/students hang-out @ zicks or shorty

A speaker to talk. Broad topics to be interesting to all. Doodle poll let faculty pick and go down the list. 5.

Community outreach- Go to middle school do a 101 code teaching. Come up with 5 community outreach programs. Talk with faculty. Work with the children center.

internship/resume workshop with Brian Mendenhall.

Raspberry Pi workshop- thursday at 3:30-5 for 5-6 weeks starting the week after next. selectively pick a few kids with some from every level.


Meeting adjourned at 4:02pm