ACM Meeting (9/23/2014) – Game Night

Meeting Starts: 6:07pm


  • We need ideas!!!
  • We have not received anything yet

Hack NC

  • Interested? Trying to see how many people want to go
  • Please email any of the CompSci professors or students for any questions


  • Nobody has signed up
  • Interested? Let us know
  • Tuesdays 2-4pm

Social Media

  • Join us on Twitter and Facebook!

GAME NIGHT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting End: 6:11pm

ACM Meeting (9/9/2014)

Meeting start time: 5:00pm

Welcoming all old and new ACM Members!!

Introducing all officers

T-Shirts –

  • How much do they cost?
  • We need designs!
  • We will vote on Game night
  • Email us a design, or submit to the office (Submit before Sept 23rd)

Game night

  • Every other meeting will be a game night
  • Wii, Xbox
  • FOOD!
  • Prizes

Social Media

  • We post updates on Facebook/Twitter
  • We ask questions on Twitter
  • Twitter scavenger hunt (Xbox membership, or Google Bag)
  • WFU CompSci, on doorways around Manchester building


  • Simple way to learn coding, simple to use
  • Intro to programming for kids at a local middle school

Programming Team

  • ACM hosts regional programming contests, winners go international competition (Russia)
  • Thursday nights 5:15pm – go over coding skills
  • work in groups of three – one laptop given
  • 8 problems 5 hours
  • Professor Torgersen
  • Regional competition is in either Duke or UNC – Chapel Hill – November 1st
  • Should have CSC112 experience or JAVA/C++


  • Buy parts of a computer with a budget
  • One night, build a computer!
  • Fun experience, like a lego experience
  • That computer could be used for game night

Quiz Bowl

  • Trivia night – CompSci
  • Teachers submit test questions!!
  • Lots of Prizes!
  • We’ll keep you updated


  • team registered CTF for WFU
  • Sept 19th – Sept 21st
  • Questions to


  • Topics? search on
  • We will have a poll on the ACM website
  • Won’t be during meeting times
  • Not only for ACM, open to everyone

Meeting ended: 5:21pm


Officer Meeting 9/9/2014

4:30 pm

Before First meeting:

Agenda, what will we talk about?

  • T-shirts – should we make/buy T-shirts? Stickers?
  • Twitter/Facebook
  • Carolina Con in Raleigh – Security event
  • Programming team
  • Teachers introduce themselves
  • Speaker – which speaker?
  • Game night – two weeks!!!!
  • Hack-a-thon
  • Build-a-Computer
  • Any suggestions?
  • Quiz Bowl – Next spring