Officer Meeting (8/28/2014)

Meeting begins 7:30pm

Activities Fair

  • Officers will split time: two for first half, two for second half
  • Print out ACM flyers
  • Laptop to show? iPad? Helicopter? More technological things, the better
  • Let CSC111 teachers know about ACM… Turkett, John, Thomas, Pauca
  • What do we tell people? Game Night, Quiz bowl, guest speaker, resources from nationals, Build A Computer

ACM Meeting: Tuesday 9/9/2014

End of Meeting: 7:50pm

Officer Notes (4/23/2014)

4/23/2014 – Officer meeting

Started 7:00 pm


  • Org sync
  • ACM Nationals – get new officers signed up
  • ACM Website – take time next week to finish End of Year report


  • Old budget: $500
  • Upcoming year budget: $1500
  • Need actual budget codes from Turkett
  • Use money we have to buy TV

o   Where TV should be put

Ideas for next year

  • Quiz bowl per semester
  • Guest speaker per semester
  • 2-3 game nights per semester
  • Having an advisory board

o   Juniors/seniors resume help?

  • Work with more companies
  • Student Activities Fair: get NAMES!
  • Department-wide event

o   Game night

o   Quiz bowl

  • New Majors Night: All professors have doors open, bring CompSci graduates in.
  • Meeting before a Game Night? Gets people there
  • Build-a-Computer event

End of meeting 7:38 pm