ACM Meeting Notes (4/17/2013)

  • Quiz bowl: Sign up , Manchester 024, April 24, 5-7pm, free food/drinks, good way to meet people and study for finals. 3rd place: 1 Year Subscription to 100GB SpiderOak backup service. 2nd Place: iFrogz Speakers. 1st place: iPod Shuffle. Teams made up of 3 students (100 level, 200 level, 300/600 level). Individual registration until April 19th, Team registration until April 23rd.
  • Dennis Frailey: Talk titled “Careers in Computing: How to Prepare and What to Expect” , 5pm April 25th Manchester 024
  • STEM Classes: 193 classes, 1 credit hour, in new Manchester 244, interactive labs with ipads, desktop GPUs and digital media lab
  • STEM Volunteering Opportunities: April 18th STEM labs, maki maki circuits for incoming freshman students, afternoon, email Paul (
  • Wake @ Hanes: Professors Cho and Pauca, received grant from Google, host workshop for middle school and high school teachers, where students and faculty instruct teachers from local communit by teach programming. Need students to volunteer, had 7 volunteers last year, great for resume. August 12 and 13th,need to prepare lessons 3 weeks before, 2-3 hours per day in July/August, email and visit
  • Ideas to fix technology issues at WFU:
  1. Let students learn new technology on a device they don’t own themselves
  2. Offer technology class as part of curriculum
  3. Technology program as mandatory part of orientation:
  4. Technology “short course”, students paired 1-on-1 with tech tutors,
  5. Combine Sakai/WIN
  6. Redesign WIN interface
  7. Send notification to phone with any important updates on WIN/sakai
  8. Password locked folder on phone


Officer Meeting Notes (4/10/2013)

  • Quiz Bowl: To-do list- email BB (Emily), email Microsoft for swag (Paul), create/hang up flyers (Maddie, talk to Joan), mass informative email to CS students (Emily), Google docs form where students can sign up (Turkett, sign-ups online through April 17th), Google spreadsheet with budget (Maddie, by April 10th), buy prizes (Paul, speakers x 3, shuffle x 3), order food (Maddie, catered subway 42inch x 3, drinks), talk to CS classes Friday 9:30-3:30 (Emily and Brandon)
  • Denis Frailey Speech: Reserve Manchester 024 (Emily), print and hang flyers (Emily and Joan), ACM officers +CS staff invited to dinner 7:30 April 25th at WS Prime
  • S.T.E.M. Volunteering: 12-3:30 April 11th, High School students experience technology demos, need volunteers, 10-15 HS students per 20 min session, 6 sessions. Same event will be repeated for admitted students on April 18, contact Paul to volunteer
  • ACM Excellence Award: essay with 500 words about our club+activities (quiz bowl, S.T.E.M. etc), fill out a form with URL of chapter homepage, # of CS students (over 200), # students in chapter (via org sync), and club contact info (rough draft by Brandon, submitted for review by April 17th)
  • Google Hanes workshop: Chance to teach teachers about technology, will be 2 days either in second week of August or last week of July

– Brandon