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Dennis J. Frailey Speech (2/14/2013)

On February 14th, the WFU ACM Student Chapter will be bringing in Dennis J. Frailey, an active participant of the ACM Distinguished Speakers Program. He will be lecturing on Careers in Computing – How to Prepare and What to Expect in Manchester 241 at Wake Forest University at 5:00PM:

Many college students concentrate on getting a job instead of preparing for a career. In a rapidly changing field like computing, this can lead to frequent job changes, burnout and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, today we hear a lot about outsourcing and some wonder whether there will be computing careers in the future. This talk is based on the premise that the jobs will certainly change over time but there will be computing careers for a long time. Dr. Frailey shows how to prepare for a life-long career in computing, covering such topics as where the opportunities are, what it’s like to work in the computing field in a large, professionally run computing organization, how the field of computing has changed over the years, how it is likely to change in the future, and what hasn’t changed. The talk also addresses what employers look for when hiring people in the computing field and what it takes to have a successful career.

Dennis is a recently retired Principal Fellow from Raytheon Company in Plano, Texas. He still teaches software engineering and computer science as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU), which he has done for over 40 years. At Raytheon, Dennis was a leader in software engineering management and improvement as well as a specialist in software measurement and cycle time reduction as well as an instructor in several internal courses for program managers and software managers. Earlier, he served as a software project manager, computer architect, operating system designer, compiler designer, and speechwriter for company executives. Dennis previously worked at Texas Instruments, the Ford Motor Company, and as a tenured, Associate Professor at SMU where he helped start both the computer science and software engineering programs. Professionally, Dennis is a member of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors, vice-chair of the IEEE-CS Education Activities Board, chair of the Industry Advisory Board to the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, author of the software management portion of SWEBOK – the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, and an ABET accreditation program evaluator in computer science, computer engineering and software engineering. Previously he was a member of the Computer Science Accreditation board of directors, ACM national vice president, ACM regional representative, chair of the Purdue University ACM student chapter, and Chair of the Dallas Association for Software Engineering Excellence. He holds an MS and PhD in computer science (Purdue) and a BS in mathematics (Notre Dame). He is an ACM Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, and distinguished lecturer for both.