Officers Meeting #2 9/5/2016

All of the officers are present plus Dr. Canas, our faculty adviser.

Meeting started at 4:03pm to discuss the Student involvement fair which is tomorrow.  Deac Bot borrowed for the table. Pens, table, poster(scan the posters in)

Aaron, Makenzie 3:30-4:30

Sajant, Arnav 4:30-5:30

Hack-a-thon at UNC/Duke (Late October/Early November)

Robotics club volunteer/Women in Science


Hackathon- 100 people needed for MLH partnership, maybe start off smaller? How many people can we host? maybe up to 60. Sponsorships? SAF funding for school wide help. Microsoft, Dell, Google etc.

Pro humanetate theme? We need a date for the potential hackathon and need to talk to Pauca about it. Local high schools might have better luck at getting money.

Door of clubs- helps smaller clubs get in touch with big companies and with 25 members, provides money. Also potential jobs for members.


Speaker is to be picked in the near future.

Update  to the website is upcoming.

Meeting ended at 4:53pm


Officer Meeting Spring Semester 1/15/2016

President Sanad Ashraf opened the meeting at 3:15.

All officers were in attendance as well as adviser Paul Whitener.

Quivia- ACM will head up funding.

Hackathon for GSV Labs- over WebEx for a startup in Cali. first weekend in February.     WE NEED TO PUBLICIZE MORE AND LONGER

Spring Hackathon @ VA Tech

Faculty/students hang-out @ zicks or shorty

A speaker to talk. Broad topics to be interesting to all. Doodle poll let faculty pick and go down the list. 5.

Community outreach- Go to middle school do a 101 code teaching. Come up with 5 community outreach programs. Talk with faculty. Work with the children center.

internship/resume workshop with Brian Mendenhall.

Raspberry Pi workshop- thursday at 3:30-5 for 5-6 weeks starting the week after next. selectively pick a few kids with some from every level.


Meeting adjourned at 4:02pm

Executive Officer Meeting 04/27/2015

Meeting began at 7:37.

Events for the 2014-2015 year.

  1. Hack NC/ Hack UVA
  2. Game Night- every 4 weeks
  3. Speakers
  4. Carolina Con
  5. Hack-a-thon
  6. Carrowinds
  7. Quiz Bowl
  8. Lasertag
  9. Trampoline Park

For next year:

  1. Hack-a-thon (2 sponsored and then give information)
  2. have other options during meetings: Microsoft/Google Rep, IOS/Android/WebDev, Stem Groups, brownbag. potentially programming team. prep sessions for hack-a-thon.
  3. lasertag-get the profs. involved
  4. t-shirts
  5. Inmar Hack-a-thon
  6. Carolina-Con(2016)
  7. Carrowinds -can we get it free? What about with physics?
  8. Speakers- contact each other.

Discussion of a Google calendar with all ACM events on it available for all to see. The officers will have the ability to edit the calendar.

Budget for the next year $1595. How to spend our money- need for buses to get to the hack-a-thon. Pizza for game nights.

How to outreach to other students in the department and on the outside. Flyers, speaking to new people, activities fair.

Get flyer out sooner for game night.

Meeting ended at 8:06.

Election Meeting 3/17/2015

Meeting start: 5:03 pm

Epic Presentation:

  • Opportunities – Software Development, Business Intelligence development, problem solver, project manager, quality assurance
  • Majors – Computer Science, Hard sciences, Math
  • Email if interested in applying
  • Cool campus in Madison, Wisconsin

1834 Software

  • Looking for web developers, software engineers, graphic designers
  • 1834 develops apps and websites for on campus clubs/organization
  • resume booster!
  • Let Nick Ladd, David Hughes, or Sanad Ashraf know if you’re interested

MS Walk?

  • Joan’s son was diagnosed wit MS
  • Give her and her family support by donating or attending this walk at Tanglewood Park at Clemmens, NC on Saturday , May 2, 2015
  • Ask Brandon or Karim for more information or ask Joan Habib in the department

Senior Exam

  • need volunteers!
  • Course 399 – 0 credits
  • we need 5 students!
  • nation-wide exam
  • covers databases, internet, network, etc



  • Google’s algorithmic coding competition
  • Winner is offered a job at Google
  • go to to register, registration is open


  • Let us know if you’re interested
  • Either a Bug (car) or the procrastination program on computer


  • Possibly early April – 2nd weekend?
  • We can cut the price down to $15 from $45


  • Trivia night
  • Great way to study for finals
  • End of April!!

Microsoft Workshop

  • Karim is the Microsoft Representative on campus
  • 3/19 at 5:00 pm in Manchester 241

ELECTIONS: we will post up the new officers shortly………


  • Sprigg Duvall
  • Sajant Anand
  • Sanad Ashraf

Vice President

  • Sajant Anand
  • Grady Xiao


  • Arnav Bhandari
  • Sajant Anand


  • Makenzie Whitener
  • Arnav Bhandari

Events Manager

  • Grady Xiao

Meeting ended: 5:35 pm

Meeting Start: 5:03 pm


  • 24 hour event at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Spend one night

Game Night

  • 2 weeks is Game night (last game night)
  • planning on doing LaserTag with physics in exchange for a game night!
  • November 15th Saturday for Laser tag

Let us know if you would like to sign up for either of these if you haven’t already!

The meeting ended with Dr. Pauca’s Brad Jones project. Contact Dr. Pauca if you would like more information on his project.

Meeting end: 5:30 pm