ACM Meeting 12/2 Game Night

Start: 6:07 pm

Last meeting of the semester

We’ll be getting a TV for the club.

We will still have one GameNight per month next semester.

Planning on Ice Skating in January and another LaserTag day for next semester. If you are interested let us know!

Microsoft Facebook SIGNUP!

Meeting end: 6:10 pm



ACM Meeting (9/23/2014) – Game Night

Meeting Starts: 6:07pm


  • We need ideas!!!
  • We have not received anything yet

Hack NC

  • Interested? Trying to see how many people want to go
  • Please email any of the CompSci professors or students for any questions


  • Nobody has signed up
  • Interested? Let us know
  • Tuesdays 2-4pm

Social Media

  • Join us on Twitter and Facebook!

GAME NIGHT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting End: 6:11pm

ACM Meeting Notes (2/4/14)

Programming Team

  • Wake competes every year in national competition
  • Anyone with basic programming experience can come (CSC 111/112)
  • 5:15 on Wednesday, but may change
  • Advised by Professor Torgersen

Internship Advisory Board

  • Group of people who are good resources to discuss job/internship opportunities

Mobile Boot Camp

  • 4-5pm Mondays, learn how to program iOS and Android, Manchester 022
  • Advised by Professor Turkett

Game Night

  • Xbox One with brand new FIFA and Madden, potentially live competitions with other schools
  • Large variety of consoles
  • Date TBA, hoping for end of February/early March

1834 Software

  • Starting classes to teach HTML, javascript and website development to hire new students

Tech Company Reps

  • Suggest talking with current technology reps on campus (Microsoft/Google/FourSquare/Presi etc)
  • Events on campus to promote brand awareness, marketing
  • Current Microsoft = Emily Hudspeth
  • Current Google= Steve Clark

CS Access  awesome faculty

  • CS lounge open to CS majors/minors
  • Free software to “Dreamspark” software (Windows software)
  • Great faculty

ACM Speaker

  • TBA, coming up this semester

Dean’s Project (Phil Handwerk)

  • Create your own ranking of schools website
  • Looking for CS students who would be willing to take initiative and work with the project
  • Big project but big potential
  • contact Emily Hudspeth (

ACM Meeting Notes (11/20/13)

Big announcement 

  • awarded $200 TV by student budgeting activities committee!

Upcoming Opportunities


  • ACM Magazine, looking for article submission or nominations to win an award. Chance to win $100 visa gift card for article entries, email Emily Hudspeth for information

Possible Upcoming Events 

  • Joint movie night with Student Technology Council in Pugh with student council
  • Distinguished speaker – Antony Hoare?
  • Looking for student feedback on course scheduling