Executive Officer Meeting 04/27/2015

Meeting began at 7:37.

Events for the 2014-2015 year.

  1. Hack NC/ Hack UVA
  2. Game Night- every 4 weeks
  3. Speakers
  4. Carolina Con
  5. Hack-a-thon
  6. Carrowinds
  7. Quiz Bowl
  8. Lasertag
  9. Trampoline Park

For next year:

  1. Hack-a-thon (2 sponsored and then give information)
  2. have other options during meetings: Microsoft/Google Rep, IOS/Android/WebDev, Stem Groups, brownbag. potentially programming team. prep sessions for hack-a-thon.
  3. lasertag-get the profs. involved
  4. t-shirts
  5. Inmar Hack-a-thon
  6. Carolina-Con(2016)
  7. Carrowinds -can we get it free? What about with physics?
  8. Speakers- contact each other.

Discussion of a Google calendar with all ACM events on it available for all to see. The officers will have the ability to edit the calendar.

Budget for the next year $1595. How to spend our money- need for buses to get to the hack-a-thon. Pizza for game nights.

How to outreach to other students in the department and on the outside. Flyers, speaking to new people, activities fair.

Get flyer out sooner for game night.

Meeting ended at 8:06.

ACM Meeting Notes (2/4/14)

Programming Team

  • Wake competes every year in national competition
  • Anyone with basic programming experience can come (CSC 111/112)
  • 5:15 on Wednesday, but may change
  • Advised by Professor Torgersen

Internship Advisory Board

  • Group of people who are good resources to discuss job/internship opportunities

Mobile Boot Camp

  • 4-5pm Mondays, learn how to program iOS and Android, Manchester 022
  • Advised by Professor Turkett

Game Night

  • Xbox One with brand new FIFA and Madden, potentially live competitions with other schools
  • Large variety of consoles
  • Date TBA, hoping for end of February/early March

1834 Software

  • Starting classes to teach HTML, javascript and website development to hire new students

Tech Company Reps

  • Suggest talking with current technology reps on campus (Microsoft/Google/FourSquare/Presi etc)
  • Events on campus to promote brand awareness, marketing
  • Current Microsoft = Emily Hudspeth
  • Current Google= Steve Clark

CS Access  awesome faculty

  • CS lounge open to CS majors/minors
  • Free software to “Dreamspark” software (Windows software)
  • Great faculty

ACM Speaker

  • TBA, coming up this semester

Dean’s Project (Phil Handwerk)

  • Create your own ranking of schools website
  • Looking for CS students who would be willing to take initiative and work with the project
  • Big project but big potential
  • contact Emily Hudspeth (hudsel0@wfu.edu)

ACM Meeting Notes (11/20/13)

Big announcement 

  • awarded $200 TV by student budgeting activities committee!

Upcoming Opportunities


  • ACM Magazine, looking for article submission or nominations to win an award. Chance to win $100 visa gift card for article entries, email Emily Hudspeth for information

Possible Upcoming Events 

  • Joint movie night with Student Technology Council in Pugh with student council
  • Distinguished speaker – Antony Hoare?
  • Looking for student feedback on course scheduling

Officer Meeting Notes (9/17/2013)

Upcoming Events

  • Wake Students at Atkins (multiple volunteer events): need students from CS who are great at creating apps to help TSA students with hints and share their experiences. They meet every Wednesday from 3:45 pm to 4:45pm, potentially scheduling Oct 2 visit. Also have SciVis 1 students that would like CS students to speak to them, meet from 1:10 to 2:05 each day. Finally there’s a ” Girls in STEM” event on November 16 from 9 am to 12 pm, would like women CS students
  • Potential Dish Speaker – Funding approved, waiting to conform scheduling. If cannot coordinate a date, could also bring Steven Walker as suggested by Santago. 
  • Technical Interview Prep – Emailing OPCD to nail down dates, need to follow up.
  • Game Night: Pizza money approved, will have Wii, Wii U, potentially Xbox 360 and N64 in addition to computers and projectors. Sept 24 (Tues) at 5pm. Zak will print out flyers for marketing.
  • Women in Tech: luncheon where professional women who work in computer science speak to students. The event will take place at OCPD’s Innovation Station from 11:30am-12:30pm and lunch will be provided. Because it is a luncheon with a 30 person max, we are asking students to RSVP by October 10th. We will publicize to ACM members.
  • Hackathon: virtual programming as well as a hacking competition sponsored by Yale, will interact with Fulp and advertise to members
  • Y-Hack: 24 hour hackathon hosted at Yale University. Offering $100 travel reimbursements to anyone who demos a project at the event, which is scheduled for November 8-9, 2013. IWill publicise to ACM members.


  • National ACM Scholarships: raise awareness
  • London Enterprise Initiative: open dialogue with London ACM chapter via teleconference, time/date TBD
  • ACM Student Research Competition at ICSE:  competition offers undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to present their research results to ICSE attendees and compete for prizes. Will publicize to members, more applicable for grad students.
  • Social Media With Voice: new social app called Melt. Platform is like Twitter for voice. Record voice snippets and share to followers; follower others to stay up to date on their melts too. It has Facebook and Twitter sharing built in as well. Development group wants to present to ACM members, will invite them for future meeting.
  • Capital Funding Results – $200 for TV(s) for game night!


  • Need to elect new VP
  • Will schedule meeting with Brown Bag Committee to discuss future talk ideas
  • Zak will submit ACM yearly report
  • Need to budget for 2-3 people to attend SIGCSE in Atlanta in March
  • Zak will investigate potential hiring opportunities at ACM national HQ

– Brandon