Officers Meeting #2 9/5/2016

All of the officers are present plus Dr. Canas, our faculty adviser.

Meeting started at 4:03pm to discuss the Student involvement fair which is tomorrow.  Deac Bot borrowed for the table. Pens, table, poster(scan the posters in)

Aaron, Makenzie 3:30-4:30

Sajant, Arnav 4:30-5:30

Hack-a-thon at UNC/Duke (Late October/Early November)

Robotics club volunteer/Women in Science


Hackathon- 100 people needed for MLH partnership, maybe start off smaller? How many people can we host? maybe up to 60. Sponsorships? SAF funding for school wide help. Microsoft, Dell, Google etc.

Pro humanetate theme? We need a date for the potential hackathon and need to talk to Pauca about it. Local high schools might have better luck at getting money.

Door of clubs- helps smaller clubs get in touch with big companies and with 25 members, provides money. Also potential jobs for members.


Speaker is to be picked in the near future.

Update  to the website is upcoming.

Meeting ended at 4:53pm


General ACM Meeting 4/28/2016

President Sanad opened the meeting at

Today is election day!

The agenda for today:

1. Quivia is Thursday get excited!!!!! Come get food!

2. Student faculty hangout- last day of classes come to Zicks and get food

3. MS Walk volunteers-  Arnav, Alexis. This will happen on Apr 30 at 9 am

4. Wake West is being put on by the OPCD- Wed 20th from 4-5

Our new officers are:

President: Sajant Anand

Vice President: Arnav Bhandari

Secretary: Makenzie Whitener

Treasurer: Aaron Pavlick




Officer Meeting Spring Semester 1/15/2016

President Sanad Ashraf opened the meeting at 3:15.

All officers were in attendance as well as adviser Paul Whitener.

Quivia- ACM will head up funding.

Hackathon for GSV Labs- over WebEx for a startup in Cali. first weekend in February.     WE NEED TO PUBLICIZE MORE AND LONGER

Spring Hackathon @ VA Tech

Faculty/students hang-out @ zicks or shorty

A speaker to talk. Broad topics to be interesting to all. Doodle poll let faculty pick and go down the list. 5.

Community outreach- Go to middle school do a 101 code teaching. Come up with 5 community outreach programs. Talk with faculty. Work with the children center.

internship/resume workshop with Brian Mendenhall.

Raspberry Pi workshop- thursday at 3:30-5 for 5-6 weeks starting the week after next. selectively pick a few kids with some from every level.


Meeting adjourned at 4:02pm

ACM Resume Build 1.0

Brian Mendenhall from the OPCD in collaboration with ACM put on a program to build resumes as well as give tips and pointers on how to use Handshake and how to Network effectively as a Computer Science student.

What follows is a short description of topics covered.

The first thing that was discussed was resume work.

  • Stay consistent with everything. Bullet point all the way through if you do it at all. Make sure everything is lined up and even. It needs to be clean.
  • Put your programming language and language skills at the top. Important things first.
  • Quantify. Make sure you are as specific as possible. Quantify money and people in relevant situations . Qualify time.
  • Use action verbs to describe your work.
  • Add a second page to hold projects or networking or programming experiences.
  • Be sensitive to the audience you are presenting  to.

Brian then moved on to Handshake

  • The three most important tabs to look at are Events, Jobs, Employers.
  • If you are a Senior don’t be afraid to take an internship if you can’t find a job. You will be paid and can still look for another job. Keep an open mind though; you never know whether or not you will really enjoy a job.
  • Handshake puts you in a short stack of resumes. If you find a job outside of Handshake check and see whether or not the job is listed on Handshake. You will more than likely be able to talk directly to the recruiter if you use the service provided by Wake.
  • Other places to look are,
  • Don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn to look for alumni as a networking opportunity.  Join Wake Forest University Career Connectors. Join the groups where you expect to land.

Brian handed out a list of action verbs and then challenged everyone to highlight 30 and then check off 15 that mean the most to get things going in your brain. He also gave out a handout with qualities that employers look for.  You can put things that happened in high school for leadership as well. Be creative, it shows.

Brian is always available in OPCD to help with any needs you might have!!!


Attendance: 14 students

ACM GameNight 10/08/2015

The meeting began at 5:36 PM.

President Sanad open the meeting with announcements.

Went over who is going to Hack NC. Sajant is sending an email. He promises a great time.

Laser tag in collaboration with math and physics is in the works. More details to follow

Next game night is Nov. 5. in Manchester 336.

Brian Mendenhall came and spoke about three opportunities.

  • Career Trek deadline is tomorrow. SF: Uber, google etc. NY:
  • Brian talked about personality and work assessments and the services that the OPCD will provide to the Computer Science majors. Mock interviews are held. There are tons of networking opportunities.  Talked about building a spiderweb of networking.
  • ACM Resume build on Oct. 29. Held downstairs in 241. Will start brief and then open up to more intimate discussions.
  • Google Greg Galante. He is a Wake alum who is going to be speaking about Google products, projects, jobs/internships, culture. Will be held in Manchester 241.

Meeting ended at 5:44pm. President Sanad closed.


Attendance of 11.